Opera singer and professional music teacher Alyssa Click joins Talk Bravely to discuss the business side of the music and performing arts industry and how she juggles up to nine side jobs to pursue her passion in Boston.


What we’re talking about:
• The money side of the music industry - and how it’s expensive to be a professional musician.
• “As a musician, you ARE your business” and have to treat your financial life as a such.
• “Knowing when to shut my laptop and take my screens away is critical for mental health.”  Alyssa shares how she juggles nine ‘side jobs’ while pursuing her dream AND the benefit of a good therapist to keep her mental health in a good place.
• “Do your research… always look to find out what the typical pay looks like.”  It’s not always easy to find out what range a contract for performance should be, but the information IS out there.
• How she’s transitioning to online music work and videos during social isolation in the COVID-19 hotspot of Boston. 

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Hailed for her "exquisite coloratura" by the South Florida Classical Review, Ms. Alyssa Click will be returning to Miami Music Festival as an Apprentice Artist this July, reprising her role of Susanna in Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro. She will also be returning to Brookline Pierce School as the music director for their 7th and 8th-grade musical production this coming fall season. Upcoming concert productions include Miscast at the Burren this September as well as Facing Forward/Looking Back with showtimes to come soon.


Join Alyssa talking all things branding, social media, and websites with Theodora Cottarel. Prepare yourself for a fruitful career before you even step into the room! It's as easy as preparing your look online. Want to know more? Click the link!

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MT For Two - Episode 4

“My journey with her [Cinderella] is always one of redefining self-worth... finding out what you think about yourself- not what others are saying about you, because in the end it doesn’t matter.”

Welcome to episode 4 of mtfortwo! We are so excited to share this episode with the absolutely fantastic Alyssa Click,soprano. We discuss her love for Sondheim’s Cinderella in Into the Woods, the need for us all to dig into who we are, to make decisions for ourselves, and also shared a fun cocktail recipe (we’ve all curated some COVID hobbies, am I right?)—check out our previous post for that! Join in the conversation—how do you feel about Into the Woods?

Do you love the questions Sondheim poses in the second act? Should you be careful what you wish for? What lessons must we learn and pass on to the next generation? Because, as you know, children will listen.

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